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Education in Zambia
Changing communities
Arts to create social change

The Trust

The Hazelhurst Trust is a private philanthropic trust that supports a variety of local causes, particularly resourceful groups in communities that want to become more self-reliant and sustainable. It also supports research into philanthropy and communities.


The Trust has provided grants to a wide range of charities, usually where the trustees have some involvement with the organisation. Recipients include community charities throughout Surrey, an arts organisation and communities in Zambia. For further information about the charities that we support, visit the Projects page.


The trustees have written and published reports on a number of issues, including community philanthropy, digital giving, the social and economic impact of the arts and growing philanthropic giving. Grants have also been awarded to support research by other organisations.

The Hazelhurst Trust has more opportunities than it is able to support so unfortunately is not able to accept unsolicited applications for funding.