Report into More and Better Giving

Giving-more-and-better_cover-235x333Philanthropy has a long and rich history in the UK, catalysing some of the major social changes and founding most of our most well-known and valued institutions. The affluent in Britain do give significantly, but there is a need for both more philanthropy and for the impact of that philanthropy to be greater.

This report, written by New Philanthropy Capital and commissioned by the Hazelhurst Trust, examines how philanthropists are influenced and encouraged or discouraged in their giving. It is informed by expert interviews and workshops with key organisations dedicated to developing greater philanthropy in the UK (NPC, The Philanthropy Workshop, Philanthropy Impact, Beacon Awards for Philanthropy, and Ten Years’ Time).

The report maps common donor journeys to identify the inflexion points which may result in donors deciding to give more or less. It also presents theories of change for more and better philanthropy to clarify the process of change and develop a common understanding to help organisations understand their role in this.

Previously unpublished research from Scorpio Partnership shows there is the potential to unlock an additional £4bn of private wealth for public good if there is a step change in giving behaviour. Moving towards this ambitious goal will require a wide range of coordinated activities by all the organisations working in the philanthropy sector.


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