About us

Sir John Hutchison, the 19th century philanthropist.

The Hazelhurst Trust assists a number of pioneering organisations that bring life opportunities and enrichment to those who are most in need of them. With a predominantly local focus we work with some of the most impressive charities and social enterprises in Surrey. Where possible we invest in arts organisations that play a pivotal role within their communities, thereby both strengthening the arts and using its power to bring about behavioural and social change. We value the enduring asset of community and this year will see a diversification in our funding strategy to include some work in Zambia. We also undertake work to develop and encourage greater and more strategic giving, believing that phialnthropy has a key role to play in thriving communities and preserving the independence of voluntary organisations.

The charity is named after Hazelhurst, an ancient house in Surrey that was extended in the late nineteenth century by the philanthropist and physician Sir Jonathan Hutchinson. The Hazelhurst Trust was established early in the twenty first century by the current owners, invoking the tradition of philanthropy associated with the house after which it is named. Our logo incorporates text from a deed dated 1295 referring to the house. The deed includes a message of goodwill to all future custodians of this historic place.

The Hazelhurst Trust has more opportunities than it is able to support so unfortunately is not able to accept unsolicited applications for funding.