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These are the organisations we work with. In all cases we provide funding but also help in other ways, making connections, contributing ideas and reviewing plans.

Our Partners

Our Partners

The Philanthropy Workshop

The Philanthropy Workshop (TPW) provides

Matthew Bowcock is a trustee of TPW.

The Beacon Awards

The Beacon Awards celebrates philanthropic giving

Matthew Bowcock is a trustee of TPW.

Philanthropy Impact

Philanthropy Impact is committed to improving the

Matthew Bowcock is a trustee of TPW.

New Philanthropy Capital

New Philanthropy Capital is a charity think tank and consultancy, occupying a unique position at the nexus between charities and funders. The Hazelhurst Trust commissioned NPC to examine the barriers to greater philanthropic giving which resulted in the publication of the report More and Better Giving in 2016. The report can be downloaded here.

 Wigwam Public Relations

We work closely with Wigwam PR, a boutique public relations company based in Guildford with local, national and international experience. One of its Directors, Tamsin Williams has a particular passion for the arts and has experience in securing funding and sponsorship as well as communications strategy. Together with Wigwam and with Watts Gallery we organised two Forums on Philanthropy, one in 2011 hosted by the Watts Gallery and the other in 2012 at The Bulldog Trust at 2 Temple Place, London.