Baynard’s Zambia Trust

The Hazelhurst Trust has a special affinity for Zambia, as one of the trustees was born there, but the Hazelhurst Trust has not generally supported overseas projects because of the difficulty of monitoring projects and concern that perpetual dependence on aid can damage communities. However, Baynard’s Zambia Trust (BZT) is different, as it focuses on a small number of poor and isolated communities in Zambia. The BZT trustees are closely involved and the communities are required to take responsibility for the initiatives and become self-sustaining.

BZT has no paid staff. The charity is run by a group of trustees who meet all UK administration costs, so that every penny raised is sent to Zambia. The trustees know Zambia well, they visit the country regularly and the charity only supports projects they have personally visited. Every prospective project is judged on the basis of their own experience of development work and supervised by a local NGO, HODI. The projects supported by BZT include schools, HIV awareness programmes, micro-credit schemes for women, sustainable agriculture and community capacity building. The Hazelhurst Trust is supporting BZT with an unrestricted grant for three years.

A school that is due to be replaced

A classroom

Click to play the video of women farmers welcome the trustees of Baynard’s Zambia Trust and Hazelhurst Trust and the staff of HODI to their banana plantation, near Fiwila, Zambia, in August 2012.