The Philanthropy Collaborative

The Philanthropy Collaborative

The Philanthropy Collaborative is a project initiated in 2017 as a result of the report that The Hazelhurst Trust commissioned in 2016 called More and Better Giving. The report can be downloaded here.

The Philanthropy Collaborative sets out to bring together organisations and individuals who believe private philanthropy and private social investment capital have a positive effect on society. They will share a common aspiration to increase philanthropy and social investment in the UK and as partners they will recognise that they will accomplish more by working together.

The goals are to:

  • Normalise philanthropy and social/impact investment among the wealthiest in Britain
  • Generate an additional £2 billion per year of philanthropic giving
  • Generate additional private social & impact investment to make civil society more sustainable
  • Develop a functioning, self-sustaining, co-operating eco-system of philanthropy organisations
  • As a result, develop a stronger Civil Society co-existing with a vibrant economy that will be an exemplar for other countries.

It will achieve this by coordinating a range of actions and activities over a number of years. The campaign will be:

  • Philanthropist led
  • Led by a common mission – a rising tide lifts all boats
  • Based on collaboration, not competition
  • Use what exists wherever possible and avoid creating new organisations or structures
  • Enable funders to support whatever they want to support
  • Recognise that communal success is based “Contribution, not Attribution”

The project is based around the five principles of collective impact, namely:

  1. Shared aspiration
  2. Coordinated, mutually reinforcing plan of action
  3. Continuous communication
  4. Shared measurement
  5. Backbone support organisation